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Who is responsible for most motorcycle accidents?

Motorcycle drivers are 27 times more likely to be killed in multi-vehicle crashes than motorists. A larger vehicle, one vehicle, causes more damage and may be directly responsible for serious injury or loss of life. However, motorcyclists must obey traffic rules just like motorists.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

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Motorcycle accidents present risks not found in other types of motor vehicle accidents. Motorcycles go much faster than bicycles, but they don't provide any crash protection. Riders' bodies are subject to collisions and can break between their motorcycle and another vehicle. The combined crash speed can reach 120 miles per hour, enough to leave a person's body virtually fluid on the road. In either case, motorcycle accidents often result in loss of limb or loss of life.

If you've just ridden a motorcycle and are looking for information on what to do next, read What do I do after a motorcycle accident?

The experienced motorcycle accident attorneys at Law Brothers can help you with all aspects of your motorcycle injury. From minor rear end accidents to major traumatic injuries, catastrophic collisions and brain injury accidents, Shaun Lallizzari and Shirvin Lallzari are the attorneys to help you.

Motorcycle insurance claims

One aspect of getting involved in any type of motorcycle collision has to do with dealing with insurance companies. We all know that insurance companies work for their own benefit, but in the case of motorcycle accidents, the insurance company will sometimes step up by trying to close your file as quickly as possible. This allows the insurance company to sign documents that may limit the settlement of motorcycle accidents in the future.

Another problem with the insurance company is that they can take a long time to get back to you with information related to your case. This is a common technique used by insurance companies to cause interruptions in treatment. Any delay in processing your motorcycle could negatively affect your claim when trying to negotiate a settlement; The insurance company will say that the resulting injuries were not regularly treated and therefore should not be large enough to warrant a settlement.

Another important topic when talking to the insurance company is related to liability. If the circumstances surrounding your accident are somewhat questionable, the opposing insurance company will likely deny some or all of your claim, saying you were the at-fault driver. It is important to note that talking to your insurance company without the supervision of a motorcycle attorney is not recommended. For example, our company will help you talk to your insurance company or open a claim. This allows us to make sure that nothing is mentioned that implies issues of fault or liability on your part.

The Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Law Firm takes pride in knowing that when we call our insurance company, they are listening. We instruct our clients to put themselves in the best legal position before talking to the insurance company about the settlement. We review your rights with you directly, so if you talk to the insurance company, you're prepared.

Motorcycle Accident Medical Recovery

Motorcycles are more likely to sustain serious long-term injuries due to the lack of protection they have when involved in an accident. Anyone who has been injured in a motorcycle accident knows that falling off a bike can be unusually painful, with most of the pain occurring days, weeks, or even months after the accident. This is due to the initial shock and trauma caused by the accident. In some cases, the body delays the reaction to pain due to the increase in adrenaline.

It is important that after an accident the first thing you do is think about your health. Anyone who has been in a motorcycle accident should see a doctor. Whether that means riding in an ambulance after an accident, visiting the emergency room, or going to urgent care, motorcyclists need to make sure their health is their priority. Visiting a medical professional can tell you about temporary or permanent injuries that you may not even be aware of. Some of these injuries may be minor scratches and headaches, while others may be lifelong scarring or, worse yet, amputated or dead limbs. Some serious accidents can include:

  • scratches
  • broken bones,
  • traffic jam,
  • catastrophic injuries
  • brain damage,
  • Nerve damage.

Although all injuries can take time to heal, serious and catastrophic injuries from a motorcycle accident can last a lifetime. Spinal cord and brain injuries are often not only lifelong, but life changing. Depending on the situation, an accident can put a bicyclist in bed or in a wheelchair, making them dependent on others. This also plays a role in his career; A construction worker may never be able to return to work if he is paralyzed or seriously injured.

The financial burden of having a motorcycle accident can be astronomical. From medical bills to having someone you depend on to care for you, the costs can add up to hundreds to hundreds of thousands in days. Long-term costs may include:

  • prescription drugs,
  • internal care,
  • Multiple Surgeries,
  • regular checkup.
Our law firm also covers the cost of medical expenses during your treatment through a lien. This offers you the opportunity to recover without worrying about large medical bills.

Motorcycle deals and financial recovery

After a motorcycle car accident, a victim may be limited to money that is limited by insurance policy limits. This means that if an insurance policy covers $30,000, the most the victim can recover is $30,000. If motorcyclists' bills were higher, they would have to go in a different direction, often going directly after the driver through litigation. Regardless of the insurance policy or the litigation, anyone who has been in a motorcycle accident should use our Los Angeles motorcycle law firm. Our attorneys know the ins and outs of maximizing your settlement to allow for the greatest recovery after a motorcycle accident. From motorcycle accidents in Los Angeles to motorcycle accidents in San Francisco, our experienced motorcycle accident attorneys are prepared to protect your rights throughout the state of California.

7 steps to win your insurance claim

The insurance company is not on your side. You might think that insurance companies are there to help you in times of emergency, but like any other business, their main concern is your profits. Even if you have a legitimate claim, it may be invalidated and you may find it difficult to get the compensation you are entitled to.

If you want full and fair compensation for damages (medical bills, lost wages, property damage, pain and suffering, etc.), you must be able to beat the insurance company at its own game. this is the way:

  1. If the insurance company denies your claim, ask for clarification in writing. Since you have a legal right to this information, the Company must comply with your request.
  2. Get your papers in order. Keep all documents you signed with the insurance company, along with your original document and an overview of your benefits. If you lose any documents, you can request them from the insurance company.
  3. Do a comprehensive review of all your documents. It is highly recommended that you have professional eyes to view your documents and determine if your claim has been legally denied.
  4. Ensure that your signature has not been forged. Shocking fact, insurance companies have been known to have engaged in this shady and deceptive practice in the past. Any document bearing your signature, be sure of its legality.
  5. Keep all receipts and write down all orders. You want to keep an accurate record of every contact and transaction you make with the insurance company. Otherwise, loopholes can be exploited to reduce or deny your claim.
  6. Registration errors are not a reason for rejection. If the insurance company says otherwise, challenge them. If you don't show them that you are fully aware of your rights, they will keep trying to pressure you.
  7. Consult an experienced attorney. This should really be the first step. Insurance companies are more likely to play a fair role when an attorney is present. In addition, initial consultations are almost always free, so there is virtually no risk of calling an attorney.

Answer people's frequently asked questions (MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENTS).

Can I file a claim after a motorcycle accident?

Parties you can sue in a motorcycle accident case. Someone must have missed the collision to be in proper condition for a motorcycle accident. You cannot claim damages unless there was a negligent party in the accident. A person is considered negligent if he breaches a legal duty.

Should I Hire an Attorney After a Motorcycle Accident?

Unless you have minor injuries, it is worth hiring an attorney after you have been injured in a motorcycle accident. Even seemingly minor injuries can cause lifelong problems and complications, and a motorcycle accident attorney can help you get the compensation you deserve.

What should motorcyclists never assume?

A motorcyclist should approach intersections with caution. He never assumes that other drivers see him and give up. Before entering an intersection, check traffic to the right, left, behind, and ahead. Especially check oncoming traffic for vehicles that may turn left.

Why do most motorcycle accidents happen?

Like accidents of any kind, reckless driving, speeding, and alcohol use are common causes of motorcycle accidents. Accidents are more likely to occur when a motorcycle or other passenger vehicle is speeding, scrambled, driving aggressively, or under the influence of alcohol.

Why don't you ride a motorcycle?

Look, motorcycles are dangerous. In fact, motorcycles are 38 times more dangerous than driving a car, and if you hit a stationary object or someone hits you, you will be injured or killed. Simply put, motorcycles are adult bikes.

What time of day do most motorcycle accidents occur?

According to accident statistics compiled by the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), most fatal motorcycle accidents occur on weekend nights between 3 p.m. and midnight

Is it worth risking with a motorcycle?

Most motorcyclists will assure you that riding a motorcycle is no more dangerous than operating any other type of vehicle. While it is undeniable that the motorcycle's distinctive design increases the chance of serious injury compared to a car, your experience as a motorcycle rider will increase your safety on the road.

Are motorcycles death traps?

Motorcycles are sometimes jokingly referred to as "death traps". In accidents, motorcyclists are more susceptible to injury than other motorists. Motorcyclists do not have protective enclosures like drivers and passengers in car bodies.